Walker is a recurring character on Andi Mack. He is a very talented artist whom Andi meets at Cyrus' bar mitzvah where Walker is hired as the caricature artist.

Walker is portrayed by Darius Marcell.


Walker is a very talented artist. He draws amazing caricature drawings and makes a very beautiful painting of Andi. He seems sweet and kind in the way he talks to Andi and Bex. He is very funny. He seems to be very relaxed because he wasn't offended when Andi said that caricatures are the worst.


Season 2

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

Walker is hired to serve as the caricature artist for Cyrus' bar mitzvah. Andi meets him when Bex takes her for a caricature drawing for just the two of them - but then things get awkward when Bowie comes over and wants to be in it. Walker understands the situation and accepts Andi and Bex's request not to do the drawing.

Walker walks into Andi just as she's trying to finally talk to Jonah Beck about their tense situation. He shows Andi a very beautiful drawing he made of her. Andi is impressed and starts walking around with Walker. They have so much fun together, helping Andi forget about her stressful situation with Jonah. Walker and Andi go to a photo booth together which is interrupted when one of Cyrus's parents comes looking for Walker because other guests want drawings, while Jonah is right outside waiting for Andi. Jonah starts becoming jealous of Walker.

Later, Walker asks Andi to give back the drawing to him because it's so beautiful and he wants to keep it so he can look at her magnificent beauty. Andi gives him the painting.


  • According to Disney Press release, Walker will be a recurring character[1]
  • Fans have started to call the Andi - Walker ship: Andikin SkyWalker.
  • The ship has been renamed "Wandi".