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  • Hello. Not sure if you will see this but I'm still gonna say it. I was searching "Andi Mack Wiki" today and saw this come up. That puzzled me since I had already made a wiki for the show back when it was first announced. I'm assuming you probably didn't know that there was already a wiki for it. Based on what I'm seeing the one I made is more developed with pages and templates and such given it was made 2 months ago. There is clearly isn't a reason to have two of the same wikias up. As such I think it may make sense for you to email wikia and ask them to delete this particular wiki.

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    • It would make more sense for you to merge the wiki into mine due to the domain. The domain I used is standard for the Disney Channel Wikis. That is probably why your wiki was unnoticed. I will not be deleting this wiki.

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