It's The Bracelet... that I made for Jonah, that he gave to Amber, that he just gave back to me.


The Bracelet on Andi Mack refers to a bracelet that Andi made for Jonah Beck but Jonah gave it to his then-girlfriend, Amber. The bracelet is used to symbolize the status of Andi and Jonah Beck's relationship.


Outside the Box

While teaching Andi how to play frisbee, Jonah notices Andi's cute bracelets. Andi tells him that she made them herself and she could make one for him. Andi goes to Andi Shack and starts making the bracelet for Jonah. Buffy advises Andi against making it because it might imply that she likes Jonah Beck, who still has a girlfriend. Andi dismisses Buffy's advice, claiming that it's just a friendship bracelet that means nothing. She completes the bracelet and gives it to Jonah.

When Jonah's girlfriend, Amber notices the bracelet, she starts crying and acting out to manipulate Jonah into giving her the bracelet. Jonah caves in and gives it to her. After that, Amber puts it on and comes over to The Spoon Diner to show off the bracelet to Andi and her friends. This leads to an awkward stare-down contest. Andi wonders what she ever did to Amber but Buffy reminds her that Amber feels threatened that Andi is going after her man by giving him the bracelet.

Best Surprise Ever

Jonah eventually breaks up with Amber. The first thing he asks for is for Amber to give back the bracelet. Amber angrily and unwillingly returns the bracelet to Jonah.

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

Jonah gives the bracelet back to Andi saying that he doesn't deserve it. Andi tells Bex about the bracelet and its history. Bex tells Andi that the way Jonah gave it back, implies that he likes Andi. So, after the Space Otters Frisbee Team party, Andi returns the bracelet to Jonah Beck, telling him that it belongs to him. Andi puts the bracelet back on Jonah's arm. Jonah tells her that he broke up with Amber. This marks the beginning of Andi and Jonah's relationship.

We Were Never

Andi notices that Jonah Beck is not wearing the bracelet and asks about it. Jonah reveals that the bracelet is damaged. He tells Andi that she doesn't have to fix it but Andi goes ahead to fix it anyway. Andi tries to give the bracelet back to Jonah but Jonah refuses, claiming that he is not a bracelet guy. He says wearing Andi's bracelet makes them look like boyfriend and girlfriend. At that point, Andi sadly realizes that she and Jonah weren't really dating.

Andi throws the bracelet in the trash but Bex picks it up and secretly puts it in a Andi's memory box, next to Bex's bigger memory box.


  • The bracelet is now the first item in Andi's memory box.


Andi Mack - Get The Look -2 - The Bracelet πŸ’™ - Official Disney Channel UK

Andi Mack - Get The Look -2 - The Bracelet πŸ’™ - Official Disney Channel UK