Space Otters Frisbee Team is the Jefferson Middle School's ultimate frisbee team on Andi Mack. The team is led by Jonah Beck and some of the members include Andi Mack and Gus.


Season 1


  • Bex asks Jonah to train Andi how to play frisbee.
  • Jonah Beck asks Andi Mack to join the team after training her and realizing that she's good.

Outside the Box

  • Jonah Beck gives Andi the team uniform.
  • Jonah says Buffy and Cyrus look like disc-heads (ultimates in frisbee) but Andi doesn't want them to join the team.
  • Buffy doesn't like the team's uniform.
  • Cyrus says he'll be the team's official fan.
  • Gus says he's doing it for Jonah Beck.


  • The Space Otters have their first match but Andi misses it because of detention.
  • Cyrus supplies the team with sunscreen, refreshments and snacks during the game.
  • The team cheers for Cyrus for being their dedicated fan.

Terms of Embarrassment

  • Bowie Quinn to be the Space Otters coach but Andi doesn't want that because the team has no coach.
  • Bowie reveals that he was a disc-head too like Andi.
  • Andi tells Bowie that no parents come to the Space Otters games, and they don't even have any fans, besides Cyrus.

Were We Ever?

  • Space Otters is taking their very first team photo as part of the school picture day.
  • Jonah Beck is very excited about the team photo because he believes it will help people take the team seriously.
  • Andi shows up for the team photo in prison outfits for protest instead of the team jersey and it really bothers Jonah.
  • Andi quits Space Otters after realizing that she doesn't really love it like Jonah does; she only liked Space Otters because of Jonah. But she's an independent young woman now who should go for what she wants.


  • Andi's team shirt says "Andiman" and it's number 13.
  • Jonah Beck's team shirt says "Condor" and it's number 44.


Jonah:You guys look like disc-heads.
Buffy:What did you just call us?
Andi: Disc... heads. People who play Ultimate? Which they don't. Ever. Want to. Right?
Buffy:Not if that's the team's shirt.
Cyrus:I'm more of a wheezer than a runner. But I'm happy to be a fan.
Jonah:Excellent. You're our first one. Wanna stick around for a practice.
— "Outside the Box"

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