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Season 2 of Andi Mack was announced on May 25, 2017[1]. Production resumed in Magna, Utah on July 11, and is scheduled to wrap on October 5, 2017. The show will return in fall 2017.[2] A preview of the season aired ahead of the Descendants 2 premiere on July 21, 2017.


Unconfirmed Dates

These are episodes that have been confirmed, but the airdate is unknown.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Production began on July 11, 2017.


Andi Mack Season Two promo00:28

Andi Mack Season Two promo

Andi Mack Season 2 promo!

Season 2 Teaser Andi Mack Disney Channel-005:29

Season 2 Teaser Andi Mack Disney Channel-0

Andi Maxk Season 2 Sneak Peek


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