Peyton Elizabeth Lee is an actress known for her roles in "Andi Mack", "Shameless" and "Scandal". On Andi Mack, she plays the title character, Andi Mack.


Born on May 22, 2004, Lee’s first onstage role was as narrator of her first grade play, “The 3 Piggy Opera”. She has since been cast in several national commercials including Carnival Cruise Lines, Sprint and Petco. Her television credits include ABC’s “Scandal” and “Shameless”. “Andi Mack” marks Lee’s first lead role. Lee has a great passion for dance and received formal training for several years. She studied many forms of dance including African, tap, flamenco, contemporary and her favorite — ballet.

In her spare time, Lee enjoys reading and baking cakes. She’s an “A” student who has recently started learning Mandarin.


  • Andi Mack (2017- present)
  • Shameless (2016)
  • Scandal (2015)


  • She is the fourth Disney star whose name is "Peyton", the other three are Peyton List from JESSIE, Peyton Meyer from Girl Meets World and Peyton Clark from I didn't do it.


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