Iris is a recurring character on Andi Mack. She is a student at Grant High School and a friend of Amber's. Iris is portrayed by Molly Jackson.


Iris is very nice and sweet. She is always cheerful, especially when around her friends and Cyrus. She is a caring person and feels worried for Cyrus. However, she can be like Amber in some ways, as shown when she gave Cyrus the silent treatment after their date.


Amber introduces Cyrus to Iris in Dancing in the Dark at Andi Mack's party, saying that Iris thinks Cyrus is cute.

In It's Not About You, Iris wants her and Cyrus to double-date with Amber and Jonah Beck. She is very excited to see Cyrus and thinks Cyrus is very funny. When Cyrus tries to win a stuffed animal for Iris without success, Iris, plays and wins one for both of them. She gets very worried when Cyrus gets overwhelmed by the rides.

In Home Away From Home, Cyrus thinks that she dumped him but it turns out she was giving him the silent treatment. Jonah Beck believes that it was Amber's idea to do that to Cyrus since Amber often gives him the silent treatment.


Cyrus Goodman

Main Article: Cyrus and Iris

Iris thinks Cyrus is cute and funny. She asked him out and they went on a double-date with Amber and Jonah Beck.


Amber and Iris are friends. When Iris developed a crush on Cyrus, Amber helped set them up. She and Amber went on a double-date together. Amber seemed a little bit jealous of Cyrus and Iris for being too cute together.


  • Amber is shown taking Cyrus over to Iris during the party, but their actual meeting is not depicted.
  • She is a friend of Amber's.
  • She kissed Cyrus for the first time in the season 2 opener.

Episode Appearances

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