Tyrus is the friendship pairing between Cyrus Goodman and TJ Kippen on Andi Mack. Their unlikely "friendship" has developed despite the enmity between TJ and Cyrus' best friend, Buffy. Cyrus and TJ are portrayed by Joshua Rush and Luke Mullen.


Cyrus learns about TJ through Buffy in "Friends Like These" when Buffy vents to Cyrus and Andi about TJ, the obnoxious team captain. Cyrus says he hates TJ for being mean to Buffy. Cyrus sees TJ (from a distance) for the first time in The Snorpion. Buffy wants to yell at TJ, but Cyrus advises her to talk to TJ calmly without yelling.


There's a Mack in the Shack

  • Cyrus is excited to finally get a chocolate muffin but TJ takes all the three remaining ones and steps on one of them.
  • As part of the tutoring deal between Buffy and TJ, Buffy forces TJ to help Cyrus get the last muffin.
  • TJ uses his intimidating nature to scare off everyone and get Cyrus a muffin.
  • TJ says that Cyrus is with him.

Miniature Gulf

  • After a stressful tutoring session with Buffy, TJ comes to the swingset and finds Cyrus swinging.
  • Cyrus and TJ start talking about releasing stress by playing on the swingset.
  • TJ starts swinging next to Cyrus.
  • They both open up to each other about having personal stuff in their lives.
  • TJ comes down and helps Cyrus swing higher by giving Cyrus an "underdog".
  • Cyrus and TJ play on the swingset for a while, showing that they're both having a good time together.
  • Before leaving, Cyrus tells TJ that he knows where to find him.

We Were Never

  • TJ and Cyrus have nicknames for each other.
  • Cyrus invites TJ to his bar mitzvah and TJ accepts the invitation.
  • TJ agrees to come.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

  • TJ attends Cyrus' bar mitzvah.

A Walker to Remember

  • When TJ is sidelined from playing, Cyrus goes to cheer him up.
  • TJ opens up to Cyrus about his learning disability; and Cyrus helps him realize that it is okay.
  • TJ says that Cyrus is the one who really helped him.
  • Cyrus spends the whole game time with TJ instead of cheering for Buffy.
  • TJ promises not to tell Buffy that Cyrus is the one who told him how to manipulate Buffy into doing things for him
  • Cyrus is put in a tough spot when Buffy gives him an ultimatum to choose her or TJ.

Buffy in a Bottle

  • TJ wants to sit with Cyrus.
  • TJ and Cyrus are talking in the backround while Andi and Jonah are talking.
  • Cyrus seems to be sad when TJ says he has to go.
  • TJ asks Cyrus if he wants to come with him and he says yes.
  • TJ takes Cyrus to a gym (for kids) where TJ helps him perform a somersault.
  • When Cyrus enters the gym with TJ, TJ briefly puts his arm around Cyrus.
  • TJ playfully pushes Cyrus into the gym.

The Cake That Takes the Cake

  • Cyrus tells Buffy that he thought it was cute when TJ was showing off the C grade on his math test to his classmates, comparing his excitement to that of a puppy.
  • Cyrus organizes a basketball match between TJ and Buffy.


  • Cyrus is humble, nice and sweet to everyone while TJ is mean to most people, except Cyrus.
  • TJ is athletic, but Cyrus is not sporty at all.
  • Cyrus is Buffy's best friend and TJ is her nemesis.


  • Cyrus likes TJ even though Cyrus' best friend Buffy can't stand him.