You know what else you are?... The only person I can talk to like this.

Tyrus is the relationship pairing between Cyrus Goodman and TJ Kippen on Andi Mack. Their unlikely "friendship" has developed despite the enmity between TJ and Cyrus' best friend, Buffy. Cyrus and TJ are portrayed by Joshua Rush and Luke Mullen.

They are most widely known as Tyrus.


Cyrus learns about TJ through Buffy in "Friends Like These" when Buffy vents to Cyrus and Andi about TJ, the obnoxious team captain. Cyrus says he hates TJ for being mean to Buffy. Cyrus sees TJ (from a distance) for the first time in The Snorpion. Buffy wants to yell at TJ, but Cyrus advises her to confront him calmly.


Season 2

There's a Mack in the Shack

  • Cyrus is excited to finally get a chocolate muffin, but TJ takes all the three remaining ones and steps on one of them.
  • As part of the tutoring deal between Buffy and TJ, Buffy forces TJ to help Cyrus get the last muffin.
  • TJ decides to teach Cyrus how to get the muffin for himself.
  • When Buffy says Cyrus can't just walk up to the muffin and take it, TJ says: "Hey, don't tell him what he can't do."
  • He gives Cyrus a push towards the muffin.
  • When the other students waiting in line start protesting Cyrus' attempt to take the muffin, TJ is quick to rescue him, defending him by saying "He's with me", his intimidating aura successfully getting the students to leave Cyrus alone.
  • This interaction between TJ and Cyrus is the first time the audience has seen TJ be nice to someone and he even smiles when he sees Cyrus enjoying the muffin.

Miniature Gulf

  • After a stressful tutoring session with Buffy, TJ comes to the swingset and finds Cyrus swinging.
  • TJ remembers Cyrus as "Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin" and Cyrus remembers TJ as "Scary Basketball Guy". They formally introduce themselves to each other this time.
  • Cyrus and TJ start talking about releasing stress by playing on the swingset.
  • TJ starts swinging next to Cyrus.
  • They both open up to each other about having personal stuff in their lives.
  • TJ comes down and helps Cyrus swing higher by giving Cyrus an "underdog".
  • Cyrus and TJ play on the swingset for a while, showing that they're both having a good time together.
  • Before leaving, Cyrus tells TJ that he knows where to find him.

We Were Never

  • TJ and Cyrus have nicknames for each other, "Not-So-Scary Basketball Guy" and "Underdog" and seem happy to see each other.
  • Cyrus invites TJ to his bar mitzvah and TJ says he'll be there.
  • TJ asks Cyrus what he should do to get Buffy to do what he wants, and Cyrus tells him.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

  • TJ attends Cyrus' bar mitzvah.
  • (See Trivia for deleted scene from this episode).

A Walker to Remember

  • Cyrus seems confused as to why Andi would want to use the microphones to yell at TJ.
  • Cyrus notices that TJ is in the sidelines as opposed to playing in the basketball game. He goes over to check on him. Despite TJ initially rejecting Cyrus' attempt at conversation, Cyrus follows him when he storms out, visibly upset.
  • TJ opens up to Cyrus, explaining that he's been forbidden from playing basketball because he is failing math. He mentions his worry that he might have dyscalculia. Cyrus tells him that there is nothing wrong or shameful about having a learning disability.
  • Cyrus informs TJ that his teacher cannot fail or punish TJ for having a learning disability. This realization inspires TJ to come forth about this to his teacher. TJ lets Cyrus know that even though Buffy was right about him going to his teacher about it, he says that Cyrus is the one who really helped him with his struggles.
  • TJ promises not to tell Buffy that Cyrus is the one who told him how to manipulate Buffy into doing things for him.
  • Cyrus spends the whole game time with TJ instead of cheering for Buffy. When Buffy confronts him about this, he explains that TJ looked sad and alone and no one while Buffy had everyone cheering for her and that he felt bad for him.
  • Cyrus is put in a tough spot when Buffy gives him an ultimatum: her or TJ.

Crime Scene: AndiShack!

  • TJ is not present in this episode, but he is the source of why Buffy won't talk to Cyrus.
  • Buffy expresses that TJ is the last person she ever thought Cyrus would be friends with and Cyrus agrees.
  • Cyrus says it's TJ who wants to be friends and that he doesn't know why TJ wants to be friends with him, to which Buffy responds "I know why".

Buffy in a Bottle

  • TJ wants to sit with Cyrus at the Spoon and asks Cyrus and Andi if he can join. Despite Andi clearly not trusting TJ after he had mistreated Buffy for so long, Cyrus seems more than willing to let him sit.
  • Cyrus opens up about his list of easy things he can't do, including somersaults. TJ offers to teach Cyrus how to do a somersault.
  • TJ and Cyrus are talking alone in the background while Andi and Jonah are talking.
  • When TJ announces he has to go to work, Cyrus looks scared. He is quickly relieved when TJ asks Cyrus if he wants to go with him and says yes.
Tyrus Chest Bump
  • TJ and Cyrus walk down the street together. Cyrus seems worried about going to a gym (where TJ works) but TJ promises him he'll like this gym only for Cyrus to realize it's a children's gym.
  • TJ playfully pushes Cyrus into the gym.
  • When Cyrus enters the gym with TJ, TJ briefly puts his arm around Cyrus.
  • TJ spends what seems like an afternoon helping Cyrus learn to do a somersault, encouraging and supporting him and getting the children to cheer Cyrus on.
  • TJ and Cyrus chest bump.

The Cake That Takes the Cake

  • Cyrus tells Buffy that he thought it was cute when TJ was showing off the C grade on his math test to his classmates, comparing his excitement to that of a puppy.
  • Cyrus and TJ work together to ambush Buffy into playing a basketball match with TJ. When Buffy discovers them, Cyrus looks at TJ and suggests that they should have rehearsed.
  • Cyrus watches and keeps track of Buffy and TJ's game, staring at TJ quite a bit.
  • TJ rolls his eyes when Buffy and Cyrus hug.
  • TJ raps his apology, and despite it not being for him, Cyrus is very impressed by it.
  • TJ looks back in a way that mirrors Cyrus looking back at Jonah at the end of Season 1.
  • Cyrus says he's confused about his feelings for TJ.

Season 3

Hole in the Wall

  • TJ and Cyrus sit together on the bleachers and watch Buffy conduct tryouts for the girls' basketball team.

Cookie Monster

  • TJ invites Cyrus to hang with him and his friends.
  • Cyrus is beyond thrilled to hear that TJ talks about him with his friends.
  • TJ teaches Cyrus how to ride a dirt bike. He holds Cyrus' hands when demonstrating where all the controls are.
  • While Cyrus is riding the motor bike, TJ takes photos of him and they both look at them together.
  • After learning that TJ's friends have a gun, Cyrus is very worried about TJ's safety. He asks TJ to leave with him.
  • Even though TJ doesn't leave with Cyrus, he listens to him and is very concerned.
  • In this episode, both Cyrus and TJ look back at each other.
  • After being called to the principal's office about the gun, Cyrus is gravely worried that something bad could have happened to TJ.

The New Girls

  • TJ constantly calls Cyrus to get his attention to talk.
  • Cyrus sees TJ in the cafeteria, and tells Andi and Buffy that he'll do a "quick walkby" of TJ.
  • Cyrus and TJ argue at the swings, but quickly make up.
  • TJ tells Cyrus, "You're the only person I can talk to like this."
  • They both start swinging and talk.
  • They sit next to each other near the lake at the park and continue talking about what previously happened.


  • Cyrus is humble, nice and sweet to everyone while TJ is mean to most people, except Cyrus.
  • TJ is athletic, but Cyrus is not sporty at all.
  • Cyrus is Buffy's best friend and TJ is her nemesis.
  • Cyrus makes TJ a better person and can see the good in him and TJ encourages Cyrus out of his comfort zone and they both want the other to believe in himself.



  • Cyrus likes TJ even though Cyrus' best friend Buffy can't stand him.
  • Joshua Rush revealed that there was a deleted scene in Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah! in which TJ helps Cyrus open a bottle of sparkling apple cider by twisting it enough so that Cyrus can open it himself and get all the attention and credit for it.
  • Rush also revealed that TJ was supposed to be looking back at Cyrus in the Season 2 finale and that the scene was not originally intended to be ambiguous but the editors edited it that way.


[TJ is] a completely different should've seen him, it was so cute! He was running around showing everyone, he was like a little puppy who passed a math test.