What about me makes you think that I am most people?

— Cyrus to Buffy, "Shhh!"

Cyrus Goodman is a main character on Andi Mack. He is one of Andi's best friends. Cyrus is portrayed by Joshua Rush. He is in the closet


Cyrus is a student at Jefferson Middle School and friend of Andi Mack and Buffy. Cyrus was the first one to see Bex's "secret baby" picture when he was going through Andi's stuff in the Andi Shack. In Shhh!, Cyrus started helping Jonah Beck's Space Otters frisbee team by providing them with sunblock, cool drinks and snacks to keep them refreshed.

Since Andi told him and Buffy that she is the secret baby, Cyrus has been supportive and there to listen to Andi about the tension at home. In Dancing in the Dark, Cyrus tries to help Andi with the situation by telling his mom the secret. Since Cyrus' mom is a big gossip, she tells everyone in town about Andi and Bex's secret. He says he did it to make it easier to Andi since telling each person would be very difficult for Andi. During Andi's party, Cyrus tries to introduce himself to Amber but realizes that Amber already knows him and in fact, Amber introduces Cyrus to her friend, Iris who thinks Cyrus is cute. Cyrus is the one who wons Andi and Bex when their parents return home during the party.

In It's Not About You, Cyrus is proud that he can now confidently talk with Jonah Beck. Jonah asks Cyrus to double date with him and Amber, and Iris. Cyrus revceals to Jonah that his parents are both shrinks who got divorced and married another set of shrinks. He also reveals that he is Jewish. Cyrus is excited to hang with Jonah and also to see Iris. He asks Andi for date advice and how to dress. Unfortunately, he embarrasses himself during the double date when he gets nauseous at the merry-go-round rides. He pukes in his shoe and walks back home in one shoe.

Cyrus gets concerned about being too girly when he receives a text from Jonah Beck saying "U R Girly" in Terms of Embarrassment. He asks Buffy about it and Buffy tells him to calm down since there's nothing wrong with being girly. Cyrus enlists Buffy to help him look and act more manly in order to impress Jonah Beck. Buffy teaches Cyrus sports talk, how to shake hands like a boy and even how to nod to Jonah. When ready, Buffy takes Cyrus to meet Jonah Beck but he's still too nervous. Jonah notices Cyrus' new look and reveals that he likes his usual look. Then Cyrus wonders why Jonah thinks he's girly. It turns out Jonah meant to say he's "gnarly" but it was autocorrected to "girly." Cyrus is happy when Jonah says he's cool and he's relieved that he doesn't have to change himself to impress Jonah Beck.


Cyrus is a very supportive especially towards his friends, Andi and Buffy. He may not be the strongest, coolest boy in school but he sure does stand up for his friends. Cyrus is proud of himself and who he is and doesn't try to be like everyone else as he tells Buffy in "Shhh!." Cyrus can be a little clumsy at times as he often runs into glass doors.


The Good Hair Crew

Main Article: Good Hair Crew

Buffy and Andi are Cyrus's best friends. Cyrus spends most of his time with Andi and Buffy. He accepted to take the blame so that Andi doesn't get in trouble for riding the motorbike. When he thought Andi's big change was having her first period, he acted very supportive and didn't want to pressure Andi into talking about it if she wasn't ready or comfortable. When Buffy messed up during the relay race, Cyrus tried to advise her that winning isn't everything. Cyrus thinks the trio should call themselves "The Good Hair Crew."

Jonah Beck

Main Article: Cyrus and Jonah

Cyrus likes Jonah Beck and thinks he's pretty cool. He has been supplying Jonah Beck's frisbee team with refreshments and sunscreen during games. Jonah Beck led everyone to cheer for Cyrus in "Shhh!." Cyrus is in love with Jonah but he has not yet come to terms with his identity yet.


Main Article: Cyrus and Iris

Iris has a crush on Cyrus. She thinks Cyrus is cute and she even asked Amber to set them up on a double-date. However, Cyrus hasn't shown much interest in Iris. "Home Away From Home", after he was under the impression she dumped him, he remarked, "It is better to have once loved then never have loved at all, or whatever I was feeling toward her." He also didn't seem to have much concern about the breakup other than not being able to go to a sporting event with Jonah and Amber without a date.


  • His parents are both psychiatrists who got divorced and married another set of .
  • Cyrus is Jewish.
  • He's afraid of Amber.
  • He thinks Jonah Beck is cool.
  • It is heavily implied that he only likes Johnah as a friend.
  • His mother is a gossip and can't keep a secret.
  • He wants to call their clique the "Good Hair Club."
  • He gets motion sickness on the carousel ride.
  • He uses an inhaler as revealed in Dad Influence.


Yeah, totally. Yeah, full-throttle outlaw, kissing asphalt on my hog... those are all the biker words I know.

— Cyrus to Bex


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