I am a real Buffy! And I prefer not to being compared to a fictional vampire slayer on a television show from the last century.

— Buffy to Bex

Buffy Driscoll is a main character on Andi Mack. She is Andi and Cyrus's best friend. Buffy is portrayed by Sofia Wylie.


Buffy is strong and confident and she is not afraid to speak up for herself. She supports her friends but at the same time offers them good advice when she thinks they're making a mistake. For example, she advised Andi against making bracelets for Jonah Beck. Buffy is very competitive in everything including sports. She is the only sporty member of The Good Hair Crew.

She has a paranoid and vindictive side, and tends to jump to conclusions such as when she suspected Marty of stealing on of her track shoes and got revenge by stealing and soaking his shoes. However, Cyrus informs her that no one stole her shoe, but that she accidentally left it in his mother's car.


Buffy is a student at Jefferson Middle School where she goes with her two best friends, Andi Mack and Cyrus.

In "Shhh!," Buffy's speed during gym impresses the coach who asks her to join the track team. After joining the team, she proves turns out to be so competitive that she even refuses to let her teammates take their turns during a relay. They end up getting disqualified. The coach advises her to stop getting in her own way.

Buffy's competitive nature shows up again in Dancing in the Dark when Marty tries to ask her out during Andi Mack's dance party but she just tries to one up him. She tells Cyrus that competition and winning is everything for her but promises to try harder.

Buffy faces a big challenge in It's Not About You when the vice principal forces her to change her hair. Apparently a kid failed a test because Buffy's big curly hair was blocking him. Buffy is not happy about it but is afraid to confront the vice principal and get suspended. She tells Buffy and Cyrus that wishes she could talk to her mom about it but her mom is still overseas. She changes to straight hair and she loves it but struggles to keep it. She even accidentally burns it and gives herself a bald spot. Since she doesn't have anyone to talk to, she starts confiding in Bex without telling Andi what she's going through. Andi is furious at first when she realizes that Buffy is spending more time with Bex than her. But after learning the truth, she sympathizes with Buffy. After the incidence, Buffy gets the courage to stand up to the vice principal by switching back to curly hair. After the confrontation, it turns out the kid who had complained about Buffy's hair doesn't even sit behind her and was just giving an excuse for failing the test.

In She Said, She Said, Buffy pushes Andi to tell Jonah Beck the truth about Amber cheating on him. At the track field, Buffy meets again with Marty from the party and they reintroduce themselves to each other. Buffy is proud to be the fastest but Marty tells her that she's only the fastest girl. He is the fastest boy and faster than her. This doesn't sit well with our competitive Buffy. So, she goes to great lengths to outperform Marty in everything during exercises as well as impromptu races.

Buffy's competitive nature gets the best of her and threatens to drive a wedge between her and Marty in "She's Turning Into You". She meets with Marty from the party on the hallway and they both start exchanging the usual flirty wits. Andi and Cyrus overhear the conversation and are convinced that Buffy and Marty are flirting but Buffy doesn't want to admit that she could possibly have a crush on Marty. To prove it, Buffy asks Marty to race, a real race this time, to prove which one is faster once and for all. They agree to race the following day. On the day of the race, Buffy realizes that one of her track shoes is missing. She concludes that Marty took it to sabotage her. Cyrus advises her not to jump to conclusion or do anything she'd regret. Instead, the next day Buffy gets hold of Marty's sneakers and dumps them in girls' toilets. While Cyrus is questioning her about the move, Marty arrives and gets mad at Buffy for ruining her sneakers. Marty insists that he didn't take Buffy's shoe. Cyrus proves Marty is telling the truth by showing Buffy the shoe she left in his mom's car. Buffy feels guilty. Marty asks Buffy what she has to say and she says she will replace the shoes. Marty leaves in disappointment. Cyrus then explains to Buffy that Marty expected her to say she's sorry. Buffy realizes that she may have gone too far this time.

In "Were We Ever?", Buffy and her friends lead a protest in Jefferson Middle School against unreasonable dress code. Buffy is particularly angry at the dress code that prevents them from wearing oversized sweatshirts and other baggy clothing. When Cyrus gets scared of getting in trouble, Buffy encourages him to stand up for the cause. She also uplifts Cyrus' spirit during the school photo when Cyrus gets sad that he has to take the photo while wearing prison outfits.

In "Best Surprise Ever", Buffy finally gets Marty new shoes to replace the sneakers she ruined in "She's Turning Into You." After giving Marty the sneakers, they agree to finally do the race to determine who's the fastest. However, before the race, they both get cold feet - not because they're afraid of losing but because they're afraid of losing what they have going on between them. Buffy asks Marty if he will continue talking to her if she defeats him in the race and Marty asks her the same question. Buffy admits that she doesn't know because she's not the most graceful loser. Marty says he's the same. So, to make sure they can keep exchanging their usual flirty witty banter, they agree to call off the race.

In "Hey, Who Wants Pizza?", Cyrus came out to Buffy ans she supported him with the iconic line, "You've always been weird, but you're no different."


The Good Hair Crew

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Andi Mack and Cyrus Goodman are Buffy's best friends who always hangout together. Buffy spends most of her time with them and also helps them make good decisions in life.

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Buffy and Marty met during Andi's dance party in Dancing in the Dark and immediately got along. They're both very competitive and seem to view each other as rivals. In She Said, She Said, Buffy turned everything they did into a competition, showing off her flexibility, and springing surprise races on Marty. Most of their conversations consist of lighthearted banter and teasing, and sometimes even a little flirting. 


  • For Buffy's original sides, click here.
  • Since the name Buffy is not common, she is often compared to the title character of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a TV series she enjoys watching.
  • She is sporty and a very good runner.
  • She is a great dancer.
  • Buffy's mom has been overseas and is not coming back for at least 6 more months because her mom is in the army.
  • Buffy can have hard times because she does not have her mom.
  • She is very competitive as shown with Marty.
  • She has a huge crush on Marty though she doesn't show it sometimes.


Vampires aren't the only thing this Buffy is slaying.

The night is young and so am I.

Marty: Do I know you?
Buffy: I think you would know if you knew me.
Marty: What have you done that's so great that I would know you?
Buffy: What haven't I done?
Marty: I'm gonna say... you haven't eaten a live frog.
Buffy: Have you?
Marty: Yes
Buffy: Why would you eat a live frog?
Marty: He mouthed off.
Buffy: You never ate a live frog.
Marty: Of course not! You're just making this conversation very difficult.
Buffy: I'm just here for the cheese puffs.

— Buffy & Marty, "Dancing in the Dark"


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