Mack! That is whack! Whack-adactyl, yo! I mean double-whacker with cheese!

Bowie Quinn is a recurring character in Andi Mack. He is Bex's former boyfriend and the father of Andi. He is portrayed by Trent Garrett.


Bowie has a very chill vibe as he does not overreact or get angry at after finding out about Andi. He is adventurous, just like Bex. Bowie is unpredictable and wild. He loves to live in the moment. He believes in nature and lets the universe guide him. He loves to protect the environment and nature; and prefers to use clean fuel alternatives that do not endanger the environment.


About 13 years ago, Bowie used to date Bex and got her pregnant. They somehow parted ways without Bowie finding out that Bex was having his child. Even after Andi was born, Bowie - like everyone else, assumed that Andi was Bex's little sister.

When Bex returned home for Andi's 13th birthday, she told Andi that she would tell her about her father when she's ready. However, Bex didn't know where to begin in explaining to Bowie that he has a daughter. In Dancing in the Dark, Ham revealed that Bowie knows that Andi exists. He started pushing Bex to write to him in It's Not About You. However, all Bex could write was "Hey."

After getting Bex's "Hey" email, Bowie comes to visit the Macks in "She Said, She Said" without even finding what Bex wanted to say. He finds Bex trying to help Andi skip school. Coming face to face with Andi, pushes Bex to introduce both Bowie and Andi to each other as father and daughter. Bowie doesn't get mad about the news. Celia freaks out and calls Ham in for a family meeting. During the family meeting in Dad Influence, Bowie is surprised that he has a 13 year old daughter he didn't know about but Andi tells him that she didn't know either. Bowie just reacts by saying it's whack! While catching up with the Macks, he also reveals that he's currently standing in for one of the boys in a band called the Renaissance but he's willing to miss out in order to know Andi.

Bowie comes to Jefferson Middle School and asks the Vice Principal Mrs. Dullridge to let him hangout with Andi. He shows Andi that he uses environmentally-friendly fuels like fry grease and vegetable oils to run his car aka "the grease mobile." He spends the day with Andi having fun and getting to know each other. During their time together, he starts filming Andi for his Bowie Vlogs showing his emotional side of getting to meet his daughter. When they run out of things to do, he "listens" to the universe, which leads them to a group of people playing bongos in the woods. He teaches Andi how to play bongos. After that he takes Andi to The Spoon Diner for lunch and also to reveal his car with vegetable oil. After Spoon Diner, Andi wants to go back to her friends and Jonah Beck. So, she leaves Bowie with a very emotional goodbye. Bowie watches her daughter and films her as she enters back into the school building.

Bowie can't stand living without Andi. So, he misses out on his band tour to live with the Macks for a while. Bex and Andi find him doing a headstand in Andi Shack and he reveals that he's now their guest, proving Bex and Andi's point that he's unpredictable. As they address the issue in Terms of Embarrassment, Celia doesn't like the idea. Andi and Bex convince Celia to let Bowie stay with them and she agrees to let him for 48 hours. Living with Bowie becomes a bit of a nightmare for Andi because he keeps trying to be involved with every aspect of her life. He even comes to cheer Jonah Beck's Space Otters Frisbee team and gets to know Andi's friends. Andi complains to Bex about lack of her privacy concerns and being embarrassed by Bowie but Bex says that's what dads do. Bowie surprises the whole family when he turns out to be a very great cook. He impresses Celia so much by cooking her mom's recipe that Celia even decides to throw away the clock timing him. She lets him stay as much as he needs.

Bowie even tries to get involved in Bex and Andi's lives. He takes Bex to the last place they saw each other before he left. He apologizes for leaving and reveals that he was always planning on coming back to her once he made it in life. They both admit that they wanted to pursue their dreams that didn't come true. Bex doesn't give him a straight answer but leaves an open possibility.

However, the happiness is short-lived when Andi catches Bowie on her laptop. She freaks out and confronts him for not respecting her privacy and asks him to leave her alone. As Bowie leaves, Bex and Andi check her laptop to see what he was doing. They are humbled to see that he was adding a video of all the pictures and video clips he had taken of Andi. His video logs show how much meeting Andi changed his life and how important she is to him. Bex and Andi are touched by Bowie's emotional vlogs so much that Andi starts looking for him to apologize. But it's too late. Bowie is long gone.


Bex Mack

Main Article: Bex and Bowie

Bex is Bowie's former girlfriend, and the mother of his child. Despite never knowing he was a father until recently, he bears no ill will towards her, and in fact believes the Universe is telling him they should be together.

Andi Mack

Main Article: Andi and Bowie

Andi is Bowie's daughter, a fact the pair has only recently discovered. While he was aware of Andi as Bex's younger sister, Bowie has eagerly accepted the burden of fatherhood and has already grown to love and appreciate his newfound daughter, and seeks to become a presence in her life.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Bowie Quinn was first mentioned in 13, but not named until It's Not About You, and finally made his first physical appearance in She Said, She Said.
  • He only knew of Andi as Bex's little sister.
  • Bowie follows Ham Mack on social media.
  • Bowie's personalized license plate reads "RINGO" likely denoting that he idolizes, and seeks to emulate, legendary Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr.
  • He plays drums and is currently filling in for one of the band members of a band called "The Renaissance Boys".
  • Apparently, Bowie no longer has family living in the area. Aside from Andi and her family.
  • His car uses fry grease and vegetable oil instead of gas or actual car oil. It smells like french fries.
  • He appears adept at cooking and baking.
  • He displays skill in video editing.
  • He collects candles.
  • He wrote a song in Bex's honor, "You, Girl."
  • In the second season, Bowie will give up music, and after getting a recommendation from Celia, becomes a landscaper/florist for a plant nursery named Judy's Blooms (a pun on the celebrated children's author, Judy Blume).
  • He proposes to Bex by hiding the ring in a pizza box.


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