• Vvianneb

          I'll start with my absolute love for Ham's character. He is lowkey the only sane one and is incredibly down-to-earth. He is also so incredibly patient with everyone, and his love for Cece, Bex and Andi is exceedingly admirable. He has not yet presented himself with any objectionable actions, which is why he is my favorite character. He is wayyyy too underrated!! I love him, haha.

          Okay, now I am going to talk about how cute TJ and Cyrus would be. Don't get me wrong, I've been a die-hard Jyrus stan from day one, but TJyrus has lowkey taken their spot. Honestly, I think they'd bring out the best in each other. Y'all don't know how much I was internally squealing when I saw the park scene!! As seen in this scene, they both expressed…

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  • LMMSkits

    Andi Mack Crack

    December 14, 2017 by LMMSkits

    Okay. I don't know if the rest of you know this, but on YouTube, Andi Mack fans make funny videos called Humours or Cracks. They make jokes about situations and point out things. I have made four. If you'd like to watch, here you go V.

    I hope you guys enjoy and hopefully subscribe to my channel, if you'd like! 

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  • AMFAgain

    So this is a competition of sorts. It’s very much community based. So there are 6 awards this year. And they are...

    Easily explained. What is the best episode? List your fave in the comments!

    Season 1 or 2? You decide!

    Which actor portrays their Charecters the best?

    What was/is the best topic they discussed?

    Who is the best carecter?-No Side/BG Charecters (Like Gus And Denise)

    So this award will get a lot of controversy. But this award is for the best pairing/group. It can be a group of friends such as The Good Hair Crew. And pairings don’t have to be romantic,like Buffy and Cyrus or Amber and Andi. (But most will be romantic.

    Seeing as this is an award show, we have performers! We have 2 definitely confirmed performers, which are Sabrina Carpent…

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  • Lauren.Schenck

    Even litter

    November 14, 2017 by Lauren.Schenck


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  • Lauren.Schenck


    November 14, 2017 by Lauren.Schenck
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  • Lauren.Schenck

    == Today was lit

    == My teacher has breast cancer My friend is a TROUBLE maker ==

    == I am WEIRD


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  • Ayylmaomemesforthedayo

    I think I can speak for everyone--even non-Disney-watchers--when I say that we were all shocked about Cyrus came out to Buffy. It was a shock, a real big one, to me even though I was rooting for it. I just wanted to say, even though episode two is already out and I love it, episode one was a huge and excellent move! 

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  • Myanight

    cyrus is gay!

    October 28, 2017 by Myanight

    So i just finish season 2 episode one last night and wow so cyrus tells buffy he is gay i have always thought he was since season 1  because he is was always blushing around him and i think it is cute but i thing andi and jonah are a better couple i know some people might disagree and agree but like i said he was always blushing and nervous around him and i cried when this part came on [[1]] i was shook but im glad there is one show one disney that is not always boy and girl there is finnaly boy and boyh

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  • Thmpr997

    is buffy married?

    September 17, 2017 by Thmpr997
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  • Ain'tMyFault


    July 18, 2017 by Ain'tMyFault

    I'm new here! Just saying Hi. hi.

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  • Ain'tMyFault

    1.Hey, Who Wants Pizza?-After breaking up with Amber, Jonah starts to realize he may have feelings for Andi, which ultimately leads Cyrus to feel uncomfortable about being with Iris and leaves Buffy suspicious. Bowie tries to reconcile his relationship with Bex.

    2.Here's Amber!!!:Amber comes back seeking revenge on Andi,and hurts Cyrus in the process. Meanwhile, Buffy and Marty go out on a 'friend-hang' and realize something about Jonah.

    3.Open The Door,Cyrus: Jonah gets embarresed by Cyrus at a meet. Meanwhile, Andi visits her great-grandma.

    4.Space-y Otters: Buffy tries to join the Space Otters and gets in a fight with Andi. Meanwhile,Cyrus decides to play matchmaker and realizes his own crush.

    5.Best Friends For Never: Jonah tries to help f…

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  • Stoltzfusfam95

    hey everybody

    June 10, 2017 by Stoltzfusfam95
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