You are breaking up with me? How dare you??? You're in middle school! Do you know how lucky you are to be dating me??

Best Surprise Ever is the twelfth and final episode in season 1 of Andi Mack. It aired on June 23, 2017.


Jonah tries to find what's going on with Andi (after their discussion). Amber fails to defend Jonah Beck when her friends mock his Space Otters team, causing Jonah to turn to Andi. Meanwhile, Andi is convinced Bex and Bowie are destined to be together.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • CJ Strong as Kip

Absent Cast


  • From the dubious tone in which Bowie states he discovered a photo of Bex on the road in Utah, clearly suggests the setting of Andi Mack  is not in the state, where it is actually filmed.
  • Jonah and Andi turned around to look back at each other, at different times, indicating they like each other
  • Cyrus turned around to look back at Jonah, hinting at a possible crush




Andi Mack Episodes
Season 1
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