Jonah: You like this. I know you do.
Andi: I do. I like you... it... I like it - frisbee. Yeah, just delete what I said before.

Jandi is the romantic pairing between Andi Mack and Jonah Beck. Andi has a huge crush on Jonah Beck but Jonah has a high school girlfriend, Amber. When Andi told Bex about her crush on Jonah Beck, Bex set them up by asking Jonah Beck to teach Andi how to play frisbee. But, Andi quits the team as of Were We Ever?. They are currently dating as of Hey, Who Wants Pizza?.

Ship names:

  • Andibeck => Andi Mack + Jonah Beck
  • Jandi => Jonah + Andi
  • Macbeck '=> Mack + Beck


Season 1


  • Andi is looking at a picture of Jonah Beck on her laptop.
  • Bex asks Jonah to train Andi on frisbee so that they can spend more time together.
  • Jonah loves the way Andi plays and asks her to join his frisbee team, convincing her that she can be an outdoor person too.
  • Andi accidentally tells Jonah Beck that she likes him but quickly pretends that she was talking about liking frisbee.
  • Andi is disappointed when she realizes that Jonah has a girlfriend.
  • Jonah asks Bex for Andi's phone number.

Outside the Box

  • Andi and Jonah play frisbee together again.
  • Jonah likes Andi's bracelets and Andi offers to make one for him.
  • Buffy realizes that Andi has a crush on Jonah and asks her not to make him the bracelet if he has a girlfriend.
  • Jonah and Andi hug.
  • Amber feels threatened by Andi when she sees her hugging Jonah and later realizes that Andi gave Jonah a bracelet. She convinces Jonah to give the bracelet to her.


  • When Andi gets detention, she says she's going to miss her first Jonah instead of her first game.
  • Instead of telling Jonah Beck that she has detention, she says Jonah has a nice smile.
  • Jonah is impressed that "Andiman has layers".
  • Jonah is the one who tells Andi Mack about Mrs. Devlin being in charge of detention.

Dancing in the Dark

  • Jonah Beck is supportive of Andi after finding out her secret. He says it's awesome.
  • Jonah goes to Andi's party.
  • Jonah leads everyone at the party to cheer for Andi with the classic "Andi! Andi! Andi!"
  • Jonah confronts his girlfriend, Amber when she humiliates Andi and Bex in front of everyone at the party.

It's Not About You

  • Jonah apologizes to Andi for what Amber did during the party.
  • Andi stares at Jonah Beck and says it's sad that he might never like her the same way.
  • Andi is hurt when she finds Amber with another boy instead of Jonah.

She Said, She Said

  • Andi feels bad for Jonah when she finds Amber cheating on him with another boy, but is worried about telling Jonah the truth and hurting him.
  • When Andi gets a text from Jonah Beck's phone, she drops everything and runs to Jonah very fast, knocking everything on her way.
  • Amber tells Jonah that Andi likes him and Andi refuses to deny it.
  • Jonah wants to make things right with Andi but Andi is hurt that Jonah didn't believe her.

Dad Influence

  • Andi is happy when she hears that Jonah Beck and Amber broke up.
  • When Jonah Beck says that he wants to ask Andi something, Andi hopes that Jonah wants to ask her to go out with him.
  • Buffy and Cyrus try to help Jonah regain confidence and follow his heart to ask Andi out, but due to a case of misunderstanding, Jonah follows his instincts to get back with Amber.
  • Andi is devastated when she sees Jonah and Amber back together.

Were We Ever?

  • When Jonah finds Andi protesting, he asks what the protest is about and Andi explains it to him, hoping that he can join but he declines, saying, "Nah, i'm good."
  • Jonah wants Andi to be in the Space Otters Frisbee Team team photo for the yearbook but Andi is more concerned about the protest.
  • Andi shows up to take the photo in her prison uniform and wants to take the photo in it but Jonah begs her to change so people will take the Space Otters seriously.
  • Andi tells Jonah she will change to the Space Otters jersey for the team photo if Jonah can remember why Andi is wearing the prison uniform. Jonah can't remember because he was preoccupied with frisbee when Andi told him.
  • Andi realizes that Jonah doesn't seem to care much about things that are important to her but keeps asking for favors. She cares about things that are important to him, yet that is not returned by Jonah.
  • Jonah Beck and Andi take a walk outside after being interrupted while she was celebrating with The Good Hair Crew after the protest victory. Jonah apologizes.
  • He asks Andi to be in the next day's team picture retake but Andi declines, saying that she's quitting Space Otters.
  • Andi finally stands up to Jonah and says that she doesn't love Space Otters. She only likes it. And she only does that because Jonah Beck wants her to.
  • She reminds Jonah of how he keeps asking her for favors such as getting Amber a birthday present; and she does it anyway just because Jonah asked. Yet Jonah doesn't seem concerned about things that are important to Andi.
  • Jonah asks Andi if they can stilll remain friends after quitting the team and Andi wonders if they were really ever friends in the first place.
  • Andi walks away from Jonah Beck, feeling free and liberated. No longer does she have to keep obsessing over Jonah Beck.
  • This marks the end of Andi's crush on Jonah. For now.

Best Surprise Ever

  • Jonah says hi to Andiman but Andi blows him off and walks away, still mad at him.
  • Andi tells Cyrus that Jonah Beck - free life is so much better.
  • When Andi leaves The Spoon Diner, Jonah goes after her.
  • Amber tells Jonah that he likes Andi and Andi likes him back. And to prove it, she tells Jonah if Andi looks back, she likes him. Andi looks back.
  • Jonah is worried that Andi is freezing him out and talks to Cyrus about it.
  • Jonah breaks up with Amber and makes her give back Andi's bracelet.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

Jonah gives Andi back the bracelet that she made for him in Outside The Box (that he gave to Amber)

Chinese New Year

Andi invites Jonah over for Chinese New Year





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