You guys just showed up. Andi Shack has been there for my whole life.

Andi Shack is a shed house next to the main house, where Andi spends most of her free time doing her personal things like art, making bracelets among others. She has got a lot of art supplies and materials among other things in the shed to use as needed.

Andi's friends usually hang out at the Andi Shack when they come to visit.

Andi Shack Title Card

Andi Shack Title Card


  • In "13", Andi runs to the Andi Shack after confronting Bex and her parents for lying to her. Bex followed her there to apologize.
  • This is where Cyrus and Buffy discovered that Bex had a secret baby in "Outside the Box."
  • When Amber ruined the party in Dancing in the Dark, Andi and Bex went to sit outside the Andi Shack to talk.
  • In It's Not About You, Andi wants to shop for more Andi Shack supplies and asks Buffy to help but Buffy turns her down. Andi shops for the supplies alone and comes back to find Buffy with Bex.
  • In Dad Influence, Bowie Quinn moves in to live with the Macks by staying in the Andi Shack.
  • In Terms of Embarrassment, Andi and Bex try to convince Celia to allow Bowie to stay in the stay in the Andi Shack. Later on, Andi feels lack of privacy when she catches Bowie in the Andi Shack going through her laptop. Jonah Beck enters the Andi Shack and finds Andi going through his profile. Andi gets embarrassed and hides under a chair.
  • In Home Away From Home, Bex and Andi move out of CeCe's house, leaving Andi Shack behind. They sneak back in to collect some art supplies from Andi Shack.
  • In Mama, Celia reveals that she is planning on selling the house which includes Andi Shack. Bex begs her to keep it because Andi loves the Andi Shack but she refuses.
  • In I Wanna Hold Your Wristband, Andi learns about the possibility of losing Andi Shack and runs there.
  • In There's a Mack in the Shack, Andi starts spending more time in the Andi Shack to help convince CeCe not to cell the house. It works and CeCe removes the house from the market.
  • In We Were Never, Andi goes to the Andi Shack to fix The Bracelet for Jonah Beck but Jonah refuses to accept it.

Known Guests


  • Andi's art supplies
  • Bex's old Nickelback CDs.
  • Andi's bracelets

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