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You don't get to be upset! Nobody here gets to be upset but me!

— Andi

Andi Mack is the lead and title character of the TV series, Andi Mack. She is turning 13 at the beginning of the series when her world turns upside down after discovering a huge secret. She navigates the world with her best friends, Buffy and Cyrus. Andi Mack is portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee.


Andi Mack was born by a teen mom, Bex but Bex abandoned her so that she could travel the world and have fun. Bex's parents, Ham and Celia took care of Andi as their own child. They never told her that she wasn't their real daughter. They told Andi that Bex was her older sister. Bex would come home every few years in the middle of travelling and she would bring Andi cool gifts from all over the world. All this time Andi adored Bex as her cool, fun older sister. We don't know what exactly happened with Bex and Andi in her childhood.

On Andi's 13th birthday, Bex comes back home, and told Andi and her parents that she was finally ready to settle down and get her life together. After an emotional catching up, Andi still felt like Bex doesn't really get her. Bex admitted that she had made a lot of mistakes since Andi was born and showed Andi a picture of her and baby Andi in hospital bed after birth. She revealed that she is not Andi's sister. She's her mother. This changed everything in Andi's world and now she has to adjust into accepting the fact that her sister is actually her mother. Along the way, Andi learns that sometimes the unexpected is what makes life great.

Andi was raised in a loving yet overprotective home. Now, with Bex’s encouragement, she begins to step outside her comfort zone, particularly when it comes to approaching the most intriguing guy at Jefferson Middle School — Jonah Beck, whom she quickly realizes is dating a high school girl, Amber. Andi proves that her greatest strengths may be how she accepts life's unpredictability with optimism. She also finds solace by tapping into her creativity in her backyard hideaway, the Andi Shack.

Since finding out the secret, thing's have only been harder for Andi. In addition to trying to adjust to the new status and figure out who her dad is, Andi has also been struggling through the intense tension between Bex and Celia. On one hand, Celia is too strict and overprotective and doesn't want to let go of Andi; while on the other hand, Bex is too care-free and doesn't act like a mother. This puts Andi in a tough position as she is often forced to choose which one of them to follow. It becomes evident in Shhh! when Bex encourages Andi to watch a horror movie against Celia's will. This causes Andi to get detention the following day for sleeping in class.

It gets worse in Dancing in the Dark when Cyrus's mom sends an email blast revealing Andi and Bex's secret to everyone. When Ham takes Celia out of town for a getaway, Bex encourages Andi to throw a dance party. The dance party get ruined by Amber when she humiliates Bex and Andi and Andi's absent dad. Both Andi and Bex get in trouble with Celia and Celia even stops talking to them. This makes Andi realize that Bex might be a bad influence on her, as she tells Cyrus in "It's Not About You." She realizes that she needs boundaries and wishes that Bex could act more like a mother. Therefore, she starts avoiding Bex by hiding from her. However, when she finds out that Buffy has been spending more time with Bex, she gets jealous and tries to make it up with both of them.

Andi faces a big dilemma in She Said, She Said after catching Amber cheating on Jonah Beck with another boy. She worries that telling Jonah will get him brokenhearted but at the same time she doesn't want anyone treating Jonah the way Amber did. She finally tells Jonah and when she gets a text from Jonah Beck's phone, she runs through the hallways knocking everything on her way to get to Jonah's phone. She is disappointed to find that the text was from Amber to prove to Jonah that Andi is in love with Jonah. Andi refuses to confirm that she likes Jonah. She storms off and is disappointed that Jonah doesn't believe her. Jonah tries to apologize but she forces him to leave. She tells Buffy and Cyrus that she wishes she could move away or die but Buffy suggests faking that she's sick. The trio goes to great lengths to help Andi get "sick" but Bex shocks them when she offers to write her a note so that she doesn't have to go to school.

While Bex and Celia are fighting about whether Andi should go to school, there's a knock on the door. It's Bowie Quinn. Bex introduces Andi and Bowie to each other, revealing that Bowie is Andi's father. Finally. Andi learns more about Bowie in Dad Influence. Bowie asks to hang out with Andi but Celia wants her to go to school. Andi goes to school and is excited to find out that Jonah and Amber broke up. Jonah Beck wants to talk to her but Bowie shows up and shows that they have permission to go hang out. Andi spends the day with her dad and gets to know him better. He films her as they try different adventures and share their feelings about getting to know each other. She realizes that he cares about environment just like her and that he is chill and unpredictable and wild. He even takes her to play bongos after "listening" to the universe. At the same time, Andi is concerned about missing her friends as well as trying to figure out what Jonah Beck wanted to ask her. She says goodbye to Bowie but thanks him for the adventure. At school, she's disappointed to learn that Jonah and Amber are back together. Later at home she asks Bex why she broke up with Bowie and Bex says it's something to do with him being unpredictable.

Andi is shocked to find Bowie in Andi Shack leading to privacy concerns in Terms of Embarrassment. At first Andi is glad that Bowie is staying with them but then she starts feeling embarrassed by him. He spends so much time around her, filming her. He even goes to Andi and Jonah's Space Otters Frisbee team practices and introduces himself to all of Andi's friends. But things get worse when Andi finds him on her laptop. This is where Andi keeps all her private stuff and where she looks at pictures of Jonah Beck. So, she feels her privacy violated and gets mad at Bowie, asking him to leave her alone. When Bowie leaves, she realizes that he was saving the videos he recorded for her to see. She feels sorry but it's too late because Bowie is already gone.

With Bowie gone, Bex cheers Andi up by taking her on a shopping spree at The Fringe in She's Turning Into You. When Jonah asks Andi for gift-advice for Amber, Andi takes him to The Fringe where Bex takes the opportunity to give Andi make-up infront of Jonah Beck, making Jonah see Andi in a different way. Jonah calls Andi pretty. Andi and Bex hang out together at The Spoon Diner during which Andi wonders why Bex left in the first place because they could have been having that much fun all the time. Unfortunately, Celia gets mad at Andi and Bex for coming late for dinner and wonders why Bex hasn't gone yet. Andi tries to defend Bex, and blames Celia for wanting to send Bex away again. This causes an ugly debate between Celia and Bex about whose fault it was for Bex leaving. Celia says she did it for Andi's welfare but this only gets Andi mad. She storms out. The next day she puts on make-up just to piss off Celia before going to school. Celia is worried that Andi is turning into Bex.

When Bex picks Andi up after school, none of them want to go back home. Bex has already got an apartment for them to move in together. In "Home Away From Home," Andi struggles to adjust to the new living conditions with Bex. Food is a problem. Electricity is a failure. And Bex can't do Andi's laundry as well as Celia used to. Andi doesn't want to disappoint Bex by complaining. But when she realizes she needs art supplies, she and Bex sneak back into Andi Shack to get supplies. But, they're busted by Celia and Ham. Celia says how much she misses having Andi and wishes Bex could move out alone and let Andi stay. Celia feeds her and they head back to the apartment. Andi then starts sneaking back into Celia's house to eat and to get her laundry done. Bex finds out and is mad that Andi lied to her. Andi apologizes for going behind Bex's back.

It becomes almost impossible for Andi to eat at the apartment because the oven and microwave are not functioning. Bex feels bad and takes Andi back to Celia and asks them to feed them. She says that she wants the best for Andi and she's not ready to raise Andi alone. However, when Andi is left with Celia and Ham like old times, she realizes that she misses Bex and doesn't want things back the way they were. These are new times. So, she asks them to take her back to Bex's apartment. Bex is so happy to have Andi back. Andi for the first time calls Bex, "mom" which makes Bex very happy.

In "Were We Ever?", Andi runs into trouble with Dr. Metcalf, the new Jefferson Middle School principal for violating dress code. Principal Metcalf tells Andi that by wearing leggings, she's distracting boys with her body parts. So Andi, Buffy and Cyrus tell Bex about their issues with the unreasonable dress code. Bex encourages them to protest against it by marching to school while wearing prison outfits. Andi leads the protest along with Buffy and Cyrus but they're quickly summoned into the Principal's office. The principal threatens to suspend them if they don't change. Andi and her crew get energized after seeing other students joining the protest. She asks Jonah Beck to join the protest but he refuses because he's too preoccupied with the Space Otters Frisbee Team photo. During the team photo, Andi shows up with her protest outfit and Jonah tries to convince her to change to the team jersey. Andi refuses to change to the team's jersey unless Jonah can tell her why she is wearing the prison outfit. Jonah can't remember. So, Andi walks away, realizing that Jonah hardly pays attention to what's important to her.

Andi gets her first victory when the protest helps her force Principal Metcalf into a truce. While celebrating their victory, Jonah comes over and calls Andi to walk with him. He apologizes to her for not paying attention to her and for being preoccupied by Space Otters team photo. He asks Andi to show up the next day for the photo retake but Andi refuses. Andi stands up to Jonah for constantly asking her for favors - including buying birthday gifts for Amber. Yet she keeps doing it just because Jonah Beck asks her to. She never loved frisbee. She only liked it for Jonah. But now after the protest, she feels liberated. She feels like she can go for what she wants without having to make her life revolve around Jonah Beck. Jonah apologizes but Andi tells her it's not his fault. It was her fault for misleading him by doing anything he asked instead of standing up for herself. So, now she's quitting Space Otters frisbee team. Jonah asks if they can still be friends but Andi asks if they were ever really friends. She walks away in confidence. Finally free. Liberated.


Andi is a nice and creative and artistic person. She makes bracelets from pretty much anything. She also makes art out of scarfs that Bex used to send to her. Andi sometimes comes off as awkward especially in boy-crush situations. Andi is curious and inquisitive and always trying to learn more. And is confident and she's not afraid to confront people including her parents for lying to her, or even Amber.


Jonah Beck

Main Article: Andi and Jonah

Andi has huge crush on Jonah Beck and she first revealed it to Bex. Bex found out about Jonah when she saw Jonah's name on Andi's laptop. To help Andi, Bex set up Jonah Beck to teach Andi frisbee so that they could spend time together. Unfortunately, Jonah Beck has a girlfriend who is named Amber. Andi made a bracelet for Jonah Beck but Jonah gave it to Amber. When Andi is telling Cyrus and Buffy that she is the secret baby she sees  Amber wearing the bracelet that she gave Jonah. She says "and Amber is wearing my bracelet". Cyrus thinks she is scary and Buffy is so upset that she made the bracelet in the first place for Jonah who she has a huge crush on.

The Good Hair Crew

Main Article: Good Hair Crew

Buffy and Cyrus are Andi's best friends. They spend most of their time together and don't usually keep secrets from one another. Andi tells them her one secret that she is the secret baby. They help each other by sharing pieces of advice and standing by one another whenever one is going through a tough time.


  • She's the product of a teenage pregnancy
  • Her number is 13 on the Space Otters.
  • She tends to wear a hair barrette on the right side of her head..
  • She has made bracelets out of many things including soda tabs, comic books, a shoelace and a straw, and her old retainer.
  • She is left-handed.
  • Andi is not a part of the Space Otters Frisbee Team anymore.
  • Andi thought that Bex was her sister her whole life, but she found out that Bex was actually her mother.


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  1. The official premiere date of her birthday episode

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