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This page is about the character. For the TV series, please see: Andi Mack (TV Series).

You don't get to be upset! You don't get to be upset! Nobody here gets to be upset but me!

— Andi Mack

Andi Mack is the lead and title character of the TV series, Andi Mack. She is turning 13 at the beginning of the series when her world turns upside down after discovering a huge secret. She navigates the world with her best friends Buffy and Cyrus. Andi Mack is portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee.


Andi Mack was born by a teen mom, Bex but Bex abandoned her so that she could travel the world and have fun. Bex's parents, Ham and Celia took care of Andi as their own child. They never told her that she wasn't their real daughter. They told Andi that Bex was her older sister. Bex would come home every few years in the middle of travelling and she would bring Andi cool gifts from all over the world. All this time Andi adored Bex as her cool, fun older sister. We don't know what exactly happened with Bex and Andi. in her childhood.

On Andi's 13th birthday, Bex comes  back home, and told Andi and her parents that she was finally ready to settle down and get her life together. After an emotional catching up, Andi still felt like Bex doesn't really get her. Bex admitted that she had made a lot of mistakes since Andi was born and showed Andi a picture of her and baby Andi in hospital bed after birth. She revealed that she is not Andi's sister. She's her mother. This changed everything in Andi's world and now she has to adjust into accepting the fact that her sister is actually her mother. Along the way, Andi learns that sometimes the unexpected is what makes life great.

Andi was raised in a loving yet overprotective home. Now, with Bex’s encouragement, she begins to step outside her comfort zone, particularly when it comes to approaching the most intriguing guy at Jefferson Middle School — Jonah Beck, whom she quickly realizes is dating a high school girl, Amber. Andi proves that her greatest strengths may be how she accepts life's unpredictability with optimism. She also finds solace by tapping into her creativity in her backyard hideaway, the Andi Shack.

The Andi Shack is where she shines but in the house she hangs out with her sister/mother Bex but Celia tells her not to show her the memory box in which their is a secret hidden which she reveals on the night of her birthday that she is her mother not her sister. Then she fights with Celia about what to call her in episode 3 called Shhh where she watches a horror movie about a librarian that looks just like her school librarian but Celia is not ready for Andi to expierence horror movies.


Andi is creative and artistic. She makes bracelets from pretty much anything. She also makes art out of scarfs that Bex used to send to her. Andi sometimes comes off as awkward especially in boy-crush situations. Andi is curious and inquisitive and always trying to learn more.And is confident and she's not afraid to confront people including her parents for lying to her, or even Amber.


Jonah Beck

Main Article: Andi and Jonah

Andi has huge crush on Jonah Beck and she first revealed it to Bex. Bed found out about Jonah when she saw Jonah's name on Andi's laptop. To help Andi, Bex set up Jonah Beck to teach Andi frisbee so that they could spend time together. Unfortunately, Jonah Beck has a girlfriend. Amber. Andi made a bracelet for Jonah Beck but Jonah gave it to Amber. When Andi is telling Cyrus and Buffy that she is the secret baby she sees  Amber wearing the bracelet that she gave Jonah.she says " and Amber is wearing my bracelet". Cyrus thinks she is scary and Buffy is so upset that she made the bracelet in the first place for Jonah who she has a huge crush on.

Cyrus and Buffy

Buffy and Cyrus are Andi's best friends. They spend most of their time together and don't usually keep secrets from one another. Andi has one secret that she is the secret baby,Jonah hugs her.


  • She's the child of teenage pregnancy
  • Her number is 13 on the Space Otters.
  • She tends to wear a hair barrette on the right side of her head..
  • She has made bracelets out of many things including soda tabs, comic books, a shoelace and a straw, and her old retainer!



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  1. The official premiere date of her birthday episode

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