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• 10/30/2017

Andi Mack

I am very upset that Cyrus is gay my 5 year old son watches that show and I am very upset about its not age appropriate for children
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• 11/1/2017
I very much disagree with you. This show is doing everything right. As more and more gay boys are coming out to one another I think it is appropriate that Disney does this. This channel does everything it can to make sure people can relate to its more modern shows. This show is about finding who you truly are. And, well, some people are realizing that yes, they do like boys. Maybe you don't approve of this for your 5 year old son but some of us need this. We need to realize that we can all be different in our own ways. Cyrus is just another example of true uniqueness.
• 11/1/2017
I agree with that BlackandWhite2002
• 11/13/2017
• 2/10/2018
A lgbt relationship is the same as straight so if you are not upset with jandi, you should not be upset with jyrus, if your upset with jandi you can be upset with jyrus
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