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Is Cyrus gay?

In the last episode, Amber states that if someone likes you, they will look back. And Cyrus does look back at Jonah. And in another episode, Cyrus receives a text message from Jonah stating "You are so girly". Cyrus then tried to change for Jonah. This is pointing to Cyrus liking Jonah. Am I right?
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He's either gay or bi
And he acts so nervous around Jonah
He ain't straight, but I don't think Disney would do anything like bi or pan. He's gay btw, he's the first LGBTQ disney character and its literally all over the news as well. The coming out was so sweet though :D
It's not age appropriate
your mind is so non age appropriate that it scars people's lives permanently and sends them into a deep depression.
If your son turned out gay what would you do?
he may look gay but i don't think he is
i watched the latest episode he is
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